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Los Santos Summer Special FAQ, Links and Discounts!

Rockstar has released their brand new Summer Special DLC including a ton of brand-new vehicles, missions and clothing items available for purchase.
Some previous links to get you sped up on the DLC:
This thread will become a host for all the further official announcements by Rockstar, reputable datamines and user-made content by our very own members such as R* Editor clips, screenshots, guides and the like! FAQ will be included here as well. So if you're busy at work and can't play yet anyway, give these links a look!

General Information

As of about 10AM UTC the update is out now on consoles - it seems to be about 2GBs in size. Will update soon! Edit: Now available on all platforms from what I can tell.
Feature Updates & Improvements

New Content and Discounts

New Content:
Legendary Motorsports:
Southern San Andreas Super Autos:
Benny's Original Motorworks:
Kudos to klegnut for the upgrade costs.
Thank you to Cpt_Foresight and Azarenas for the new clothing info!
Podium Vehicle:
Double GTA$ and RP Activities:
Discounted Content:
Time Trial:
RC Bandito Time Trial:
Thanks to Biomixels for the time trials.
Premium Race:
Twitch Prime Bonuses:



When will the DLC drop?
Soon. Rockstar usually pushes updates around 3:30AM EST or 9:30AM UTC. Check this helpful map showing all the timezones.
Does the DLC cost money, how can I get the DLC?
The DLC will be made automatically available through whatever launchestore you have the game on. Those using the Rockstar Launcher can expect to see their games updated first, so be ready for that.
What can we expect?
Judging by Rockstar's announcements and timelines, this DLC won't be massive. They've confirmed new business battles and yacht missions, probably comparable to the previous client jobs we've gotten with the Terrorbyte.
Additionally they've teased some cars, of which we've gotten images of a new supercar, a musclecar and an F-1 car. Some new race modes have been mentioned as well. It's safe to assume that the content will be dripfed in stages, especially the more interesting items might be left for later.
Have the Acura NSX and new Toyota Supra been added?
Some images of the Toyota Supra and Acura NSX being converted at Benny's have been floating around - these are fake and have been put into circulation by a clickbaity asshole who shall not be named.
Are weekly updates on Tuesdays starting now?
Probably not. Rockstar always goes a little off their usual schedule with DLC drops and this is probably the same thing. It's hard to say if the sales will already change this Thursday, but I'd recommend y'all reek the benefits of the sales before you regret it.
What's going to be on sale next? / When will the next sale be up? / What's going to be in the next DLC?
If any Rockstar employees are on this sub, we'll let you know.

User Submitted Content

We're also hosting a Summer Special DLC Discussion Megathread which will be unlocked once the DLC has dropped to keep discussions related to the release of the DLC and first wave of content in one place. Have fun playing everyone!
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Big list of venues, shows, events and other happenings still on or not

This will continue to be updated as long as there are updates to provide.


Gov. Doug Ducey announces statewide closure of schools over coronavirus
Please check with your individual district/school for further information on re-openings.




List of events/concerts/happenings/attractions that are Postponed - unless otherwise noted as of 03/17/2020 (please always check event website for ticket information).
All shows through the end of March are currently postponed.
Gila River Arena
  • Rage Against The Machine
  • Celine Dion
  • Pearl Jam
  • Jojo Siwa - Rescheduled
  • Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘N Out Tour
  • Jim Kieffer Community Cook-Off- Canceled
  • PBR (Professional Bull Riders) - Canceled
Talking Stick Resort Arena (TSR)
Marquee Theatre
Crescent Ballroom and Valley Bar closed until further notice. Keep checking their social media for further updates. COCINA 10 will be open limited hours for take-out orders.
The Van Buren - All shows scheduled to take place through the end of March have already been canceled, rescheduled or postponed. See website for further details. Further shows are still be canceled, rescheduled or postponed by the artists.
Chandler Center for the Arts
  • All events at Chandler Center for the Arts have been postponed or rescheduled through April 30th.
Mesa Arts Center
Out of an abundance of caution, and to support other preventive measures underway, beginning Monday, March 16, and continuing through Sunday, March 29, the City of Mesa is closing the theaters at Mesa Arts Center
Arizona Federal Theatre
  • LFA 84
  • Prince Royce - Canceled
  • Iliza Shlesinger
  • John Crist - Canceled
  • Dancing with the Stars: Live!
  • Thom York
  • Premier Boxing Champions - Canceled
  • In this Moment & Black Veil Brides

Festivals are all postponed unless otherwise noted.

Attractions that are suspending or restricting operations
List of events/happenings/attractions that are still taking place or to remain open as of 03/17/2020. Always check event website before leaving to ensure most current information.
Venue Links, Statements and Contact Information

Misc. Government and Utility Updates

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In 1988, Jessica Arredondo was abducted and murdered in the Denver area. Is a convicted killer responsible for her death?

In November 1988, Jessica Arrendondo, 21, was an operator at the U.S. West phone company. She had graduated from Abraham Lincoln High School a couple of years ago, where she played soccer, served on the student senate, and captained the school’s cheerleading squad. Perhaps it’s because it was the 1980s and Jessica loved dancing, but her pictures bring to mind the actress Jennifer Beals of Flashdance fame. At the time of her murder, Jessica was living at home with her parents and her beloved dog Frosty.
She also loved her new car, an eye-catching red 1988 Mustang convertible. According to her family, she had saved money for months and months, and the car was her pride and joy. She kept it in immaculate condition, and the car had a personalized license plate that read “88 PONY.”
Friday, November 25, 1988, was the day after Thanksgiving. Jessica and her boyfriend hopped in her car and headed towards Glendale, Colorado, a municipality in the southern part of metropolitan Denver. On the way, they had a minor disagreement. She dropped him off at Neil’s, a bar in Glendale, and drove away. It was the last time he would see her.
At 11:25 PM, Jessica’s Mustang was found abandoned with its blinkers on at E. 7th and Jackson Street, a few blocks from Neil’s. When police inspected the scene, they noticed there was damage to the exterior of the car as if a minor accident had occurred. Witnesses reported that Jessica had been kidnapped from the site by multiple men, and at least one article mentions that two cars were involved. Police suspected that someone had crashed into her car intentionally as a ruse to get her to pull over and then abducted her.
On Saturday afternoon, two passersby were playing in the snow along U.S. 36 in Larrimer County and found a nude body about 50 feet from the road. This area is north of Denver, close to Rocky Mountain National Park, and approximately a 1.5 hour drive from where Jessica’s car was abandoned. The autopsy later revealed Jessica had died from blunt force trauma to the head. Although one article in the Denver Post stated there were no signs of sexual assault, a later article in the Fort Collins Coloradoan clarified that investigators believe she was sexually assaulted, although there is no forensic evidence proving so. Some reports state that the trauma to Jessica’s body may have been from her jumping from a moving vehicle, but this is merely speculation. Jessica’s clothes were recovered scattered along the highway near where her body was found.
At the scene, law enforcement found tire tracks indicating someone had backed up a vehicle and dumped Jessica’s body down an embankment. The other notable clue was not one, but two sets of footprints in the snow near the body, consistent with witnesses’ assertions that there were multiple men at the scene of her abduction.
Despite composite sketches of two of the men seen at the accident scene, law enforcement never named any suspects. Jessica’s case soon went cold.
Another Murder, Five Years Later
On February 12, 1994, Rhonda Maloney, 25, finished her shift as a waitress at Harrah’s Casino in Central City and headed towards her home in Adams County. Robert Eliot Harlan, 29, pulled his car alongside hers and ran her off the road near the intersection of I-76 and I-25. Once she had stopped the car, Harlan threatened Maloney with a gun. He dragged her from the car and proceeded to rape her repeatedly.
Mother of three Jaquie Creazzo was on her way to pick up her father around 5:45 AM. The sun had not yet risen, but in the darkness she noticed the two cars haphazardly on the side of the ramp to northbound I-25, one with blinkers on. She slowed down and caught a glimpse of a blonde woman fleeing one of the cars; the terrified expression on her face made Creazzo come to a complete stop. Maloney ran to Creazzo’s car and jumped in, telling her she’d been run off the road and then raped for hours by a man with a gun.
Creazzo immediately headed toward the local police station. Harlan had not given up; he was in hot pursuit, and a dangerous chase ensued on the icy road. Harlan pulled alongside Creazzo’s Cadillac and fired several rounds into the driver’s side, hitting Creazzo in her face, knee, and spine. She tried to steer but she lost control, crossed the median, and came to a stop on the lawn of her destination, the Thornton Police station. Behind the wheel, Creazzo was still conscious but covered in blood, unable to move and spitting out teeth. Harlan appeared, telling Creazzo not to tell anyone about Maloney, saying he would find her and kill her if she did. She watched helplessly as Harlan pulled Maloney from the passenger’s seat and sped off.
Creazzo would later tell the Los Angeles Times, “Being paralyzed is a small price to pay to get this person, actually if you want to call him a person, off the street.”
Creazzo provided police with a description of the perpetrator and the car, helping to generate leads. In the meantime, Darryl Harlan, Robert’s brother, had seen reports about Maloney’s murder on the news and he made a horrific realization. Robert had shown up at Darryl’s house at 8 AM the morning of the murder, wearing bloody sweatpants. Darryl asked Robert if he had vomited on himself. That morning, Robert left his bloody clothes and an unloaded gun at his brother’s house. On February 15th, Darryl approached their father, a Denver police detective, and shared his suspicions. Detective Belt Harlan Jr. bagged the items his son Robert had left at his son Darryl’s house. According to Darryl, the two of them then broke down and cried at the realization of what Robert may have done. Detective Harlan then took the bagged items directly to Denver Police Chief David Michaud, and Robert Harlan was arrested that day.
Harlan was in custody, but Maloney was still missing and Harlan provided the cops with no new information. Maloney’s purse was recovered by the side of a road. A local Aurora man who saw a news report about the recovered purse and the ongoing search believed the cops were searching in the wrong place. A San Francisco Examiner article entitled, “Amateur sleuth locates body in record time,” describes how Loyal Burner mapped out the area and initiated his own search. Although police had been searching for a week, Burner found Rhonda Maloney’s nude body in 1 ½ hours near the town of Watkins, east of Denver.
Maloney’s autopsy revealed she had been severely beaten, with several fractures to her skull, and had injuries consistent with sexual assault. Cause of death was determined to be a gunshot to the head.
The Suspect
Given the similarities in M.O., law enforcement in Larimer County named Harlan a suspect in Jessica Arredondo’s abduction and murder.
At first glance, Robert Harlan may have seemed like an unlikely perpetrator. He had stable employment. He was the son of a Denver police detective and seemed to have solid family ties. Indeed, both his brother and his father testified in his defense during the sentencing phase of his trial.
But even a brief look into Harlan’s past revealed a history of harassment and violence against women. The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel reported that Harlan was on parole and in a sex offender program at the time of the murder. Although I could not determine what precipitated this sentence, a separate article mentioned he had been arrested for using a stun gun on his then-wife. The month before he killed Rhonda Maloney, a psychologist who had been treating Harlan for a year wrote letters to Harlan’s probation officer and a judge, recommending that he be supervised more closely because he was a danger to the community. Harlan had a parole revocation hearing scheduled two days after Maloney was killed.
A second rather damning fact was that Harlan was working as an operator at U.S. West, where Jessica Arredondo had worked. In fact, he had been in that position for eight years and had worked alongside Jessica. Harlan’s history at work soon grabbed headlines, as the Maloney trial galvanized 39 women who had worked at U.S. West to hire a lawyer and seek a $22 million settlement. They claimed Harlan made lewd comments, touched them inappropriately, and harassed them, creating a hostile and un unsafe work environment. At one point, he brought a gun to work. He stalked one of his co-workers, and she obtained a restraining order against him. The women claimed their fear of Harlan escalated after Arredondo’s disappearance, yet U.S. West never took action against Harlan.
The Only Suspect?
Larimer County Sheriff’s Department investigator John Toppenberg was quoted in the news during the Maloney trial. The judge excluded any evidence about the Arrendondo murder during the Maloney trial. Regarding Harlan, Toppenberg claimed “He is our only suspect. He is our prime suspect. It is our view that he killed Jessica Arrendondo.” To this day, no other suspects have been named.
If you recall, however, there were two sets of footprints where Jessica’s body was found. Another article also states that not one, but two cars were observed driving her off the road the night she went missing, and that police believed three men were involved; two composite sketches were released to the press. Harlan may be the only suspect they have identified, but it seems he is not the only suspect involved.
Harlan’s Fate
On June 20, 1995, Harlan was found guilty of Maloney’s kidnapping, rape, and murder, as well as the attempted murder of Jaquie Creazzo. In September, he was sentenced to death by lethal injection. At the time Harlan was sentenced, no one had been executed in Colorado since 1967, and only a couple of men were on death row. Gary Lee Davis was executed in 1997, however, and for crimes similar to Harlan’s: the kidnapping, rape, and murder of Virginia Ray. Given the governor had refused to grant Davis clemency, this likely raised Harlan’s fear that he too may be put to death. He appealed his convictions and the sentence, filing several briefs about voir dire, the suitability of various jurors, whether or not a change of venue was warranted, instructions given to jurors, and other typical appeals that were all denied.
In 2003, Harlan again appealed his death sentence. This time, the filing had teeth. Jurors had brought Bibles into the jury room while deliberating his sentence in 1995, considering passages such as the oft-quoted “eye for an eye” during the discussion. It is against state law for jurors to consider outside materials irrelevant to the case during deliberation. (Further, it seems wildly inappropriate and unconstitutional to weigh a particular religion’s belief in such a determination.) In a 3-2 decision, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled this was a violation of Harlan’s rights. Because this happened during the sentencing phase, not the guilt phase, his conviction was upheld but his sentence was overturned. The U.S. Supreme Court later refused to reinstate the death sentence for Harlan.
Other victims?
One article noted that there are over 35 unsolved homicides of young women in the Denver area in between 1975 and 1995, a period which would have included Harlan’s viable killing years. There are several young women who were murdered and found nude by roadsides preceding and following Arredondo’s death. Because both Arrendondo’s and Maloney’s deaths do not adhere to a clear pattern—the first seemingly a gang rape and murder, the second interrupted by Jacquie Creazzo’s heroic act—I think it is difficult to assign a complete MO to Harlan or to know how he would have behaved without the interference of others. I assume Harlan’s DNA is in CODIS, but it is unclear whether DNA from these various cold cases (or Jessica's, for that matter) has been processed.
Do you think Harlan was involved in the killing of Jessica Arredondo?
A very long shot, but do you know of any perpetrators in the Denver area at the time that could have been involved in Jessica's disappearance (either ties to Harlan or similar MO)?
Do you think Harlan is a serial killer? Are there other cases you think Harlan is a good match for?
If you have any information on abduction and murder of Jessica Arredondo, please contact the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office at Larimer County Sheriff's Department at 1 (970) 498-5100.
Newspaper sources (sorry, no links)
“Suspect has history of sex offenses,” Daily Sentinel. February 18, 1994
“Amateur sleuth locates body in record time,” San Francisco Examiner. February 21, 1994
“Kidnap-murder link strong,” Daily Sentinel. February 22, 1994
“Results of autopsy on slain waitress won’t be given until suspect’s hearing,” Daily Sentinel. February 23, 1994
“Harlan suspected in ’88 slaying,” Fort Collins Coloradoan. June 24, 1995.
“Murderer’s policeman father expected to be final witness,” Daily Sentinel. June 28, 1995
“Harlan sentenced to death in murder,” Fort Collins Coloradoan. July 2, 1995
“Killer’s former co-workers plan suit,” Daily Sentinel. July 6, 1995
EDIT: Changed spelling of Jaquie Creazzo's name. Although it also appears as "Jacquie" in several places, I switched to the spelling in the legal document.
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Ranking All UFC Events Via Their Reported Attendance Numbers!

Ranking - Event - Location @ Venue - Attendance

These Events Have No Reported Attendance Record

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Disturbed Announces 2019 World Tour

Tickets go on sale next Friday. Presale begins tomorrow for pre orders and VIP packages..
Post presale codes in here as soon as they are out!






*promoted by Live Nation

Tour Guide/More Info
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On This Date In California Weather History (September 11)

2017: Some deep tropical moisture associated with a fairly strong upper level shortwave pushed into central California on September 11th and produced a severe thunderstorm outbreak during the afternoon and evening. Numerous reports of downburst winds exceeding 60 mph were reported and the impacts form these thunderstorms included downed power lines, damage to roofs; and large objects being knocked over and damaged. Rainfall amounts were generally a quarter of an inch or less with a few locations in the Southern Sierra Nevada and Tehachapi Mountains receiving between a quarter inch and a half inch of rain. APRS station 5WSW Firebaugh reported a 59 mph wind gust from a thunderstorm. A dairy farm south of Hanford had several barns with extensive roof damage from thunderstorm winds.
8 telephone poles were downed on Jackson Ave. near 9th Ave. south of Hanford.
A tree fell onto a vehicle near the intersection of 13th Ave. and Houston Ave. near Hanford.
A microburst downed 30 powerlines in Mendota.
8 miles west of Caruthers a chicken barn was blown down by thunderstorm downburst outflow winds.
In Corcoran thunderstorm winds produced damage to a house and snapped several trees. Beams from a wood fence were snapped from from concrete support and shingles were blown off of a roof.
There were reports of nickel-sized hail in Corcoran. There were several trees down on northbound State Route 99 just south of the State Route 190 interchange.
Lightning struck a house near Hanford High School. A Weather Service forecaster providing onsite support at the Pier Fire reported penny sized hail at Pierpoint Springs.
2012: A stationary thunderstorm brought persistent, heavy rain to Mecca.
3"-5" of rain fell in just a couple hours (more than a year’s worth). Floodwaters damaged a school, a mobile home park and several orchards.
2012: On the afternoon of September 11, 2012 thunderstorms producing heavy rainfall moved across much of the Las Vegas Valley. Rainfall rates of a half-inch to nearly eight-tenths of an inch in 30 minutes resulted in significant and in some cases devastating flash flooding. A total of 1.18" of rain was measured by the automated weather station at McCarran International Airport. This set an all-time record for a calendar day for the month of September. Automated weather stations operated by the Clark County Regional Flood Control District as well as Mesonet weather stations, cooperative observers and spotter reports showed the heaviest rain fell in several areas. 1"-2" of rain fell in northern portions of Summerlin, NV, in and just south of downtown Las Vegas, NV, along Flamingo Road and Tropicana Avenue from near Interstate 15 to near Mojave Road and in southeast Henderson, NV. The highest total reported was 2.09" at an automated station operated by the Clark County Regional Flood Control District near Swenson Avenue and Flamingo Road by the Tropicana Wash. According to local media reports, at least 50 vehicle rescues took place throughout the Las Vegas Valley by Clark County Firefighters. 40 of these were swiftwater rescues. The largest number of rescues was 15 near the intersection of Sloan and Sahara with one rescue done by helicopter. Roadway flooding was extensive with several inches to several feet of flowing water reported on many roads especially in the central and eastern parts of the Las Vegas Valley. Interstate 215 was closed from Interstate 15 to Eastern Avenue after intense rainfall washed large amounts of mud and rocks onto the highway from nearby landscaping along the side of the road. This also resulted in the Airport Connector to McCarran International Airport being closed. The Charleston Underpass flooded for the first time since extensive construction work was done to mitigate this once flood-prone area back in the mid-2000s. The worst impacted area though was near the Desert Rose Golf Course. At least 45 homes were flooded mainly on and near Walton Heath Avenue. Most of these homes suffered extensive damage to their lowest level with many people loosing furniture and appliances. In some cases the force of floodwaters busted through concrete walls. Numerous vehicles in this area were flooded and some were floated 300 to 400 feet. Three dogs drowned to death that lived in one house. In addition, a worker at the Desert Rose Golf Course was swept away by the floodwaters from his tractor around 4:22 PM PDT on September 11th. His body was found dead two days later about two and a half miles away.

2011: Small hail was reported at Bodfish and Lake Isabella as was street flooding which was also reported in Kernville.
2011: Monsoonal thunderstorms brought flooding to Downtown Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Strip. A rain gauge in Downtown Las Vegas recorded 0.98" of rain in about 20 minutes. Water ponded up over curbs of streets from Downtown Las Vegas to North Las Vegas. Several inches of water flooded the Circus Circus Adventuredome. The parking lot at the Cannery Casino in North Las Vegas was flooded.... with some cars partially underwater. A few inches of water also entered part of the casino and movie theater.
2008: The Cascadel Fire began on this date in the Sierra National Forest at 2000 PST. The cause was human, from target shooting. The location was 3 miles East-Northeast of North Fork in Madera County. It burned 280 acres and was contained on September 17 at 1700 PST. There were no fatalities or properties damaged. The cost to containment was $3,100,000.
2008: A thunderstorm produced strong outflow winds measured at 67 mph in La Quinta. Another thunderstorm produced golf ball sized hail in Ranchita.
2004: The Nehouse Fire 25 miles east of North Fork in Madera County burned 204 acres. Its cause was human in origin but no fatalities,injuries, or structures-lost occurred.
2004: Severe thunderstorms in Borrego Springs produced one inch hail that broke windows. Strong winds gusted to 60 mph before the anemometer was destroyed, and knocked down six power poles. Training thunderstorms over Johnson Valley produced severe flash flooding. Hwy. 247 was washed out in numerous sections. Minor damage to homes occurred and 12 vehicles were trapped. In La Quinta, 138 trees were knocked down at one golf course with damage to a building. More trees fell down at other golf courses. Roof tiles were blown off. Damage occurred to power poles and transformers.
2004: The China Fire began on this date 15 miles southwest of Lake Isabella in Kern County. This suspiciously-caused fire burned 314 acres but there were no fatalities, injuries, or structures-lost.
2001: On this date 19 hijackers seized 4 U.S. commercial jetliners on the East Coast and flew two aircraft into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City destroying them, one aircraft into the Pentagon Building near Washingon, DC, causing severe damage, and one was destined for another target in the Washington, DC, area (either the White House or the U.S. Capitol Building) but the passengers resisted and the hijackers crashed the plane near Shanksville, PA. In all, nearly 3,000 people were killed and civilian air traffic into, out of, and within the United States was grounded for days afterwards.
1998: Severe thunderstorms pounded the Las Vegas Valley and Lake Mead for a few hours producing golf ball size hail, a small tornado and widespread flash flooding. Large hail began falling shortly before 11 am PST and numerous hail reports came in for the next couple hours with some episodes causing damage to several automobiles. A small tornado tore the roof off a Henderson, NV, warehouse and destroyed a large block wall at a service station a short distance away. Heavy rain fell mainly on the east side of the metro area with amounts up to 1.85" in a two hour period. As a result flash flooding filled streets and washes and trapped several motorists although no serious injuries occurred. The heavy rain damaged about one acre of the 750 acre Sunrise Landfill and carried significant amounts of debris into the Las Vegas, NV, wash. The Clark County School District activated the "shelter-in-place" policy for school children at approximately 30 schools around the area. Children were not bused home until after flooding had subsided.
1990: It was 117° F in Borrego Springs, the highest temperature on record for September. This also occurred the previous day on 9.10.
1983: Half Moon Bay had a high of 94° F -- a record for the month.
1982: The morning low temperature at Reno, NV was a chilly 29° F.
1976: Record rains that started on 9.9 ended on 9.12 came from Tropical Storm Kathleen (called a 160+ year event by meteorologists). 14.76" fell on south slopes of Mt. San Gorgonio, 10.13" at Mt. Laguna, 8" at Mt. San Jacinto, 4"+ in the Little San Bernardino Mountains, and 1.8"-2.8" in the Coachella Valley. Deep Canyon (above La Quinta) recorded 2.96" in three hours on 9.10. Rainfall in the Santa Rosa Mountains above the Coachella Valley was called the a heaviest in recorded history. 6 were buried and killed in sand in Ocotillo. Floods of record were attained at numerous streams around the Coachella Valley. 1.84" of rain fell in Riverside on this day, 2.09" fell in Borrego Springs, 2.33" fell in Victorville, 2.57" fell in Idyllwild, and 5" fell in Palomar Mountain, each the greatest daily amounts on record for September. The Victorville amount is also the third highest daily amount on record. This occurred during the El Nino of 1976-77. Hurricane Kathleen also brought the southwest the highest sustained winds ever associated with an eastern Pacific tropical cyclone with sustained winds of 57 mph at Yuma on 9.10.
1976: The remains of Hurricane Kathleen move across Baja and into southern California near El Centro. With its circulation still intact, tropical storm force winds produce considerable damage in Yuma. Sustained winds exceed 50 mph, and gust as high as 76 mph in Yuma, AZ. One man is killed as a 75 foot palm tree crashes onto his mobile home. Severe flooding occurs in Mohave county.
1971: It was 100° F in Palomar Mountain, the highest temperature on record. This occurred on eight other occasions.
1960: North northwestward moving Hurricane Estelle dissipated west of the central Baja California coast from 9.9 to this day. On this day a thunderstorm hit the area east of Lucerne Valley. The resulting flash flood was four feet deep and washed out a section of road, stranding several vehicles east of Lucerne Valley.
1952: Chilliest morning in three day stretch from the 10th through 12th in Fresno; record lows were set each on morning and all still stand to this day. Low of 44° F on this date is the earliest 45° F or lower reading on record in Fresno.
1939: 4"of rain fell across the deserts and mountains as a dying tropical cyclone moved across Baja California into southwestern Arizona on this day and on 9.12. This was the second tropical cyclone to impact California during the busy month of September 1939. A strong El Nino contributed to the activity.
1939: The remnants from the second of three tropical cyclones to affect the southwestern U.S. in one month floods homes in Eldorado Canyon, roads in the California Wash near Glendale and washed out parts of Charleston Blvd. near Rancho Blvd. in Las Vegas, NV.
1888: Fresno set an all-time record high of 111° F for the month of September. This is also the latest in the season that Fresno has had a high temperature of 110° or better.
Source: NWS San Francisco/Monterey, Hanford, Reno, Las Vegas, Phoenix, & San Diego
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When your man doesn't ride (first 2,200 mile solo trip)

Hey moto fam! Big thanks to everyone who commented and recommended routes and stops through the Southwest. Planned this trip over 1 month, and definitely used your advice out there. So, thank you. Especially IllIII!! Right off the bat, I’d like to provide you with a quick TL;DR link to some trip flicks.
I covered 2,200 miles over 7 days of riding around Arizona, California, and Nevada. It was a great way to start the new year. This map is neither complete nor 100% correct, but it's the best Google would let me produce. Gives an idea of the ground covered. Odometer view by the end of it all. And yes, the title is a little misleading as most of my girls ride, but I really wanted this to be a solo adventure without a dude on the back of my bike.
Day 1: 200+ miles. Phoenix (Tempe to Glendale) to Tucson (Mt. Lemmon). Rented a Dyna via EagleRider and set out to ride around Phoenix before heading to Tucson on the 10. Loved the bike from the get go, as it was absurdly comfortable on the highway. Got to Tucson and headed up Mt. Lemmon (so cold by the top!) before sunset. Felt like every minute further was a degree colder. Checked into a B&B I’ll recommend to you all: Jeremiah Inn. Don’t worry, I switch to Motel 6 & 8 by Day 3, guys.
Day 2: 150+ miles. Tucson (Mini Time Machine, San Xavier Mission, Saguaro NP) to Globe. Set out to the museum (I’m @dailymini, so it was fitting) then right to San Xavier for a walkthrough inside (avoided the tour) and right on up to Saguaro NP (Kinney and Bopp so I could send some love to combichristo’s fam). Beautiful park, not a lot of cars on the road. Headed up 77 North to 60 and settled in Globe for the night. Highly recommend this B&B converted from a schoolhouse. My room was massive. Headed out for dinner and when I tried to navigate back to my hotel, kept finding myself on top of hills and on dead ends. Recent construction made the routing hard, and had one close call on the edge of a little cliff and on to a 5MPH rock (huge rocks) road into someone’s backyard junkyard. Sorry about my 5 minute U turn on your property, sir.
Day 3: 300+ miles. Globe to Payson to Sedona to Jerome to Prescott to Wickenburg. Woke up to a delicious breakfast and took 60 to 188 N passed Tonto NP and Roosevelt Lake. Pretty sure a Mexican Wolf ran in front of my bike, but maybe it was an enormous coyote… Continued from 188 to 87 to 260. The ride through 3 NPs (Tonto, Coconino, Prescott) was breathtaking. And cold. So many different landscapes, I couldn’t wrap my head around it. Cacti to snow-laden forests, to rich green forests, to red rocks. It was absolutely unreal. 10/10 would ride again. Headed to 89A and arrived in Sedona. Super touristy, tons of traffic with all the roundabouts, so cruised down the bike (bicycle) lane and hopped no hippie cop would pull me over. Success. As soon as I saw signs for 89A, I was so excited to take it down. Absolutely phenomenal route. Can’t wait to do it on a sportier bike I can throw around a bit more. Jerome was also quite touristy, and super hilly. Be aware if you’re afraid of heights! Continued down 89A from Jerome to Prescott and saw one of the most amazing sites on a moto ride, the split mountain roads in Yarnell. Couldn’t fathom what I was seeing, and riding through! Can anyone share a photo so I can put it up at my desk to day dream?? 10/10 would ride again. Made it to Wickenburg for the night, cute town.
Day 4: 400+ miles. Wickenburg to Vegas (Lake Mead, Hoover Dam) to Death Valley. Woke up and thought, I have 2 options today, cruise around Arizona or just go full force into this trip and attempt Death Valley before the end of the day. So glad I chose the latter. Left Wickenburg to take 93 north up to Nevada (did I miss a sign for Nothing, AZ? Didn’t see any markers). Passed through Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, on to Vegas and continued on 160 to Pahrump. Filled up my tank (wishing I had a spare can with me) and went on Bell Vista Rd into Death Valley at around 2 PM. Little concerned about losing the sun and running out of gas, but I went in as far as mileage would allow and took a ride up to Dante’s View. My phone either froze or just had an iOs fail, because it wouldn’t turn on when I got there. In need of a selfie and furious at the timing, charged it up on the bike and had some fellow tourists snap a pic of me. Got back to a casino hotel for a smoker’s buffet (gross) and sent out some “Happy New Years!” to east coast buds before passing out before midnight.
Day 5: 350+ miles. Pahrump to Oatman to Lake Havasu City to Quartzsite. Headed to Oatman to see some donkeys and check out Route 66. Nice ride. Continued on 95S down to LHC and the ever-so-lovely Havasu Springs near the Colorado River. Knew I wanted to shop the gem show in Quartzsite for souvenirs (let me live), so I wound up there for the night.
Day 6: 400+ miles. Quartzsite to Joshua Tree to Carefree (Horseshoe Dam). Woke up and felt the weight of my trip coming to an end, so pushed for a long day. Mostly highway, took the 10 to JT NP for a quick loop. Roadrunner ran across my path, so awkward. Highways some more, took the 10 to 60 to 74 so I could check out Carefree and Cave Creek. Per recommendations, took it down to where pavement meets dirt, and wrapped up the night in Phoenix.
Day 7: 300+ miles. Phoenix (Usery Mountain Regional Park, Tortilla Flats) to Gila Bend to Phoenix. The trip coming to an end, headed to Usery Pass/N Bush/Ellsworth to see if I could find any of the Salt River wild horses. Coyote or fox ran across my path, just a little guy. Then, it was time for Tortilla Flats. So beautiful. So glad I did this ride. Yes, the road was shitty and it felt like a broken carnival ride, but so worth the pay out at the end (THAT VIEW!!!) The ride back was a little quicker, knowing what the lil twisties were all about. Stopped at a swap meet to see some friends and then it was on to Gila Bend for the last of it. Rode 10 down to 85 for a scoot through farmland with enough straightaways to take my first few moto selfies. Bird flew into my helmet, not sure if he made it. Looped back the same way and ended up in Glendale for the night.
Day 8: 50+ miles. Phoenix. Saddest day ever. Looked for some miniatures and took her back to EagleRider. So much of the trip was themed “no one in front of me, no one behind me” because I really did have the roads and views to myself. Highly recommend Arizona as a moto getaway and looking forward to coming back soon.
THAT'S A WRAP! Thanks again for making it here, and yes, the same TL;DR for you fine wheeled fam.
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Things to Do This Week in Phoenix (May 28 - June 03)

Week of: May 28 - June 03
This is a weekly thread of things going on in and around the Phoenix metro area. All types of events are welcome, including focused events for different interest groups, kid friendly, etc.
Please visit the UPDATED FAQ for Weekly Events
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Before you attend, please inquire to make sure the event is taking place.
Special/Ongoing Events This Week:
Ongoing This Week:
Monday May 28
Tuesday May 29
Wednesday May 30
Thursday May 31
  • Handsome Ghost @Valley Bar, Phoenix, 8:00pm [$13.00-$15.00]
  • Melvins @Crescent Ballroom, Phoenix, 8:00pm [$20.00]
  • Souvenirs @Rebel Lounge, Phoenix, 8:00 [$12.00-$14.00]
  • Sugarland @Gila River Arena, Glendale, 7:00pm [$27.00+]
Friday June 01
Saturday June 02
  • Transviolet @Valley Bar, Phoenix, 7:30 [$12.00]
  • D.O.A./MDC @Marquee Theater, Tempe, 6:15pm [$20.00-$35.00]
  • Ghastly @The Van Buren, Phoenix, 8:00pm [$22.00-$42.00].
Sunday June 03
  • Mario Aguilar @The Van Buren, Phoenix, 8:00pm [$39.00-$79.00]
  • Kansas @Talking Stick Resort, Scottsdale, 8:00pm [$30.00-$70.00]
Looking for the other things to do? Check out the FAQ for more suggestions
Feel free to add your own events below. Just list where in the Valley it happens, a cost if there is one, and who might find it interesting. Please also indicate if the event happens each week. People may be interested in trying something new but not know what is expected to get involved.
Please upvote people who share good/interesting events, even if it may not be something you will attend.
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Things to Do This Week in Phoenix (October 2 - October 8)

Week of: October 2 - October 8
This is a weekly thread of things going on in and around the Phoenix metro area. All types of events are welcome, including focused events for different interest groups, kid friendly, etc.
Please visit the UPDATED FAQ for Weekly Events
Comment with your event below and I'll add it to the list. Thanks!
Before you attend, please inquire to make sure the event is taking place.
Special Events this week:
Looking for the other things to do? Check out the FAQ for more suggestions
Feel free to add your own events below. Just list where in the Valley it happens, a cost if there is one, and who might find it interesting. Please also indicate if the event happens each week. People may be interested in trying something new but not know what is expected to get involved.
Please upvote people who share good/interesting events, even if it may not be something you will attend.
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Things to Do This Week in Phoenix (January 8 - January 14)

Week of: January 8 - January 14
This is a weekly thread of things going on in and around the Phoenix metro area. All types of events are welcome, including focused events for different interest groups, kid friendly, etc.
Please visit the UPDATED FAQ for Weekly Events
Comment with your event below and I'll add it to the list. Thanks!
Before you attend, please inquire to make sure the event is taking place.
Looking for the other things to do? Check out the FAQ for more suggestions
Feel free to add your own events below. Just list where in the Valley it happens, a cost if there is one, and who might find it interesting. Please also indicate if the event happens each week. People may be interested in trying something new but not know what is expected to get involved.
Please upvote people who share good/interesting events, even if it may not be something you will attend.
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Things to Do This Week in Phoenix (December 25 - December 31)

Week of: December 25 - December 31
This is a weekly thread of things going on in and around the Phoenix metro area. All types of events are welcome, including focused events for different interest groups, kid friendly, etc.
Please visit the UPDATED FAQ for Weekly Events
Comment with your event below and I'll add it to the list. Thanks!
Before you attend, please inquire to make sure the event is taking place.
Looking for the other things to do? Check out the FAQ for more suggestions
Feel free to add your own events below. Just list where in the Valley it happens, a cost if there is one, and who might find it interesting. Please also indicate if the event happens each week. People may be interested in trying something new but not know what is expected to get involved.
Please upvote people who share good/interesting events, even if it may not be something you will attend.
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WWE Network Updates: 12/04/2017

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WOMAN SLIP AND FALLS AT GRAND OPENING NEW DESERT DIAMOND ... I GOT BANNED FOR 24 HOURS AT DESERT DIAMOND WEST VALLEY - THEY SUCK ANYWAY Glendale Casino Update & Arizona Giving and Leading: The Grant Network & National Pet Week Desert Diamond Casino - West Valley - Grand Opening week ... Desert Diamond Casino Glendale, Az. Desert Diamond Casino Opens in Glendale - YouTube

The Desert Diamond Casino West Valley is now open. Here's what you'll find at destination near Glendale, AZ, for poker, table games and slot machines. West Valley Casino in Glendale AZ. Tribal Organization: Tohono O'odham Nation. DESERT DIAMOND WEST VALLEY CASINO. 9431 W. Northern Ave Glendale, AZ 85305. 833.DDC.2WIN 833-332-2946. Desert Diamond West Valley Casino celebrated the grand opening of its new, $400M casino on Feb. 19, 2020. It is a 1.2M-square-foot facility with a 75,000-square ... Construction is progressing at the new version of Desert Diamond West Valley Casino near Glendale, which is set to open by the end of 2019. A brand new Glendale casino is opening up this week. Here’s what it has to offer! New Glendale Casino Finally Opens on Wednesday. As we’ve already mentioned, there are a huge number of fantastic casino gaming options available in Arizona right now. On Wednesday, another is opening up. The Desert Diamond Casino West Valley officially opens to the public and gambling fans have a lot to look ... With over 75,000 square feet of gaming space, Desert Diamond Casino West Valley is where jackpots are a cause for celebration. We have the newest slots, table games, a Poker Room, and a Bingo Hall for your winning pleasure. Plus, delicious dining options, two bars, two parking garages, a wine and spirits shop, retail store with fashionable items and a state-of-the-art air filtration system for ... glendalecasino.com has been informing visitors about topics such as Casino, Casino Online Gambling and Sky Poker. Join thousands of satisfied visitors who discovered Glendale, Casino Live and Casino Casino.This domain may be for sale! It's time for a smoke-free casino! The casino is fun but it is not fun when someone sits next to you and their smoke is going into your face and body. Not only is it going into other customers body it is going into the employees. If Desert Diamond truly cared about their customers and employees they would make it smoke free! If someone wants a ...

[index] [5465] [1181] [11574] [29197] [25755] [3936] [12925] [31015] [17075] [31323]


Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. The U.S. Senate Indian Affairs Committee has passed a bill that would block a new casino already under construction next to Glendale. The ASU Lodestar Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit ... The New Desert Diamond Casino Near Glendale, Arizona Plans to Open in December, Come What May - Duration: 3:13. Sequence Media News 1,901 views. 3:13. #DesertDiamondCasino#WestValley# This video is not my typical gambling video. After a couple of years, Desert Diamond Casino - West Valley has finally opened its doors for their permanent Cl... The Tohono O'odham Nation opens the Desert Diamond casino in Glendale. WOMAN SLIP AND FALLS AT GRAND OPENING NEW DESERT DIAMOND CASINO GLENDALE - Duration: 14:35. ISLAND REACTION 1,006 views. 14:35 🔴 MATCH 2 🎰 LIVE SLOT TOURNAMENT - Duration: 2:02:45. Paylines ...