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[3] Shashmodai o Asmodeo è un demone della Bibbia con molti altri nomi: Asmoth, Aschmédaï, Asmoday, Asmodeo, Aesma, Asmadai, Asmodius, Asmodaios, Hasmoday, Chashmodai, Azmonden o Sidonay e Asmobeo. E’ presente nelle credenze della magia nera, della scienza occulta dell’invocazione di entità demoniache. This new item was designed by Asmodaios, one of our greatest supporters! These Dragon Balls will be distributed among all players in the game in an all new chance event! 16 Aug 2018. Curse Of Cold no longer triggers while you're dead, just like similar Curses. The Monkey can no longer eat a Frozen Banana. Duel Dissk Of Sick Burns no longer gives a dead target a disease. The Cocktail Shaker has LECTURE ON DARK PRACTICE OF MAGIC 02 Jan 2021. A new thermometer has just gone live featuring a buzzing new item! Check out the Spelling Bee!; Players with Fungal Fun no longer tell jokes when they're dead.; The Spork and the Chef's Hat now stack when you have Duplicates of them.; Split's talent's cooldown has been reduced to 3 turns, down from 4.; 01 Jan 2021. Happy New Year! May 2021 bring you everything that 2020 could not!

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