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I am Maria Ho, TV host and top-ranked female professional poker player with over 2 million dollars in tournament earnings. AMA!

Hi everyone, I’m Maria Ho: Professional Poker Player, TV host/commentator and world traveler.
I’m a dual citizen of Taiwan and the U.S. - born in Taipei, Taiwan and raised in Los Angeles, CA. I started playing poker in college at U.C.S.D. when I showed up, uninvited, to my guy friend’s home game. With a couple six packs of beer in hand I talked my way into the game, eventually started beating the boys, and worked my way up in stakes at the local Indian casino before embarking on my first WSOP in 2005.
I’ve made over 2.6 million dollars in poker earnings, which includes 32 WSOP cashes, 3 WSOP final tables, 4 WPT cashes, and 6 other final tables on the pro circuit. In 2011 I played heads-up for a World Series of Poker bracelet and finished 2nd for $540,020 - breaking the record for the largest cash by a woman at the WSOP. At the 2012 and 2014 WSOPs I was the Most-Cashing female player (with 6 and 8 individual tournament cashes). And I’m the first and only player to be the WSOP Main Event “Last Woman Standing” three times over.
Outside of poker playing I’ve dabbled in a variety of TV shows and competitions. I was on season 3 of American Idol, competed as the only all-female team on the Emmy-winning The Amazing Race, been a panelist on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360, and have been invited to compete on PokerStars Shark Cage for the last two seasons. As a strategic commentator and TV host my work includes the HPT, ESPN 360, and Poker Night In America: The Tour.
...And if all that doesn’t keep me busy enough I’m the celebrity spokesperson for the WinStar World Casino and I host Poker Central Live with Maria Ho weekly on Twitch from wherever I find myself in the world: Sydney, Monte Carlo, Dubai, London, Vancouver, Maui, Cancun… and sometimes from my own bed in California!
Currently I'm in Malta where I'll soon be hosting Europe’s largest stand-alone poker tournament, Battle of Malta, November 4th-9th!
Thank y'all so much for all the interesting and unique questions! I really enjoyed answering them! Hope my answers were helpful/insightful! This AMA is now closed. 😊
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Winstar 65$ Daily turbo, suggestions on how to play or should I be playing this ?

So Winstar is pretty much the closest casino to the DFW area that sports a healthy poker scene apart from Choctaw which only gets action during major tournament series otherwise it’s just completely dead.
So the daily tournament here is a 65$ buyin 7000 chip, 20 min levels and starts with 25-50 blind structure with no antes. Theres usually around 50ish entrants that show up
Is it even worth playing these tournaments since pretty much after the first 2 levels, there is heavy pressure on you to just keep winning flips. I’ve played it a coupla time but I’m wondering if I should just stick to playing cash games here instead.
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Winstar Saturday Deepstack Tournament

After being called out for being a pussy and not going to the semi-local casino by BerryGuns (with some help from CC0, surprise), I started looking for ways to make that happen. I found the Winstar Deepstack. I will be playing it this Saturday, but I wanted to ask a couple logistical questions first.
Has anyone played this yet? I've looked at the 2+2 Winstar thread and it appears to be an unresolved question over there as well.
How long does this usually run? What is the level of average player? How is the quality of the tournament in general, blinds structure, payouts, rake, etc.? Any (valuable) input is appreciated.
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Jason Helder wins $1 million first prize

The World Series of Poker and European Poker Tour are two of the series that routinely make millionaires, but regular tournaments rarely have first prizes exceeding $1 million. During this time of the year, players have fewer options, at least if they plan on winning big in land-based casinos. The 2014 WinStar River Poker Series Main Event was one of the competitions that had the potential of making at least one millionaire, which explains why 1323 players decided to tag along. The first prize was a very round $1 million award and nine players made the final table, with decent chances at claiming the trophy. Jason Helder was one of the better placed ones, as he had a decent stack and loads of experience, a powerful combination in the final stages of major tournaments. The competition was pretty strong and the best players made three handed play, with Jason being pit against Travis Rice and Kevin Eyster. These three players were guaranteed an amount exceeding $200,000, but the difference between the amount claimed by the winner and the third place was staggering. This explains why all the survivors shifted into a less aggressive gear, waiting on opponents to commit a mistake. Kevin was the one to be sent to the rail first, with Jason Helder having a significant advantage over Travis when heads-up began. There was very little that Rice could do to offset the handicap and eventually he had to settle for the second prize and $340,000. The winner took almost 3 times more and will have plenty of time on his hands to decide how he will be spending his newfound fortune. This is how the final table shaped up and the amount collected by each player: 1 Jason Helder $1,000,0002 Travis Rice $340,4033 Kevin Eyster $219,0884 Chris Drake $134,0965 Khoa Nguyen $110,6636 Jonathan Gaviao $90,8817 Kong Li $72,6808 Rodeen Talebi $56,7249 Rhett Trusler $42,891 The European Poker Tour will resume shortly in Europe, but those who can't afford to shift back and forth from Europe to the United States are probably going to stick to online tournaments. Betfair Poker has announced a brand-new series of tournaments, in addition to the thousands of cash games that are available on a daily basis. Highrollers will not be disappointed by the nosebleed limit tables that await them over the Internet, which should represent an excellent substitute for the big payouts of live events.
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Winstar Memorial Day Mini River Series Trip Report

I got back from the Winstar Memorial Day Mini River series late Monday night and wanted to give you guys a trip report.
I've had some great live results over the past few months with the highlights being excellent cash sessions, two second place finishes in a row at CPPT Choctaw, and another instance of run good which occurred at Winstar.
Friday, May 15 - Leave San Antonio around 4 PM. Check in at Comfort Suites Gainesville. I get a three bedroom suite to myself because my buddies couldn't make it. I booked it through HotWire for $100/night which is a decent deal around that area. Hotels around Winstar jack the up the prices due to their proximity to the "Biggest Casino in the World".
I make a quick trip to the nearby Wal-Mart to buy some healthy snacks (Fuji Apples and a small veggie tray) then I head to the casino, meet up with my buddy, AJ Yowler, and we both grinded some 1/2 and 1/3. I lost a little (~$50) after a card dead session and decided to call it a night.
Saturday, May 16 - I wake up at around 1045, meditate a bit, and eat some carrots, broccoli, snap peas, and celery from my veggie tray, then head to the casino at around 1120 to register for the Memorial Day Mini River Event #1 Deepstack ($500). Get registered for the tourney at 1145 and lo and behold, my boy AJ is at the same starting table (good thing he's to my right). It was a pretty sweet table draw as I was only worried about AJ and a seemingly solid young grinder named Austin. However, I was super card dead.
A couple levels into the tourney I overplayed AJo on an A high board. I open raised 3x pre, bet half pot on Axx flop, villain (Austin) in position calls, I fired a second bullet villain calls again, and I check river and of course he throws out a 1/3 pot sized bet at the time. I tank a bit, but end up calling and he tables AQo. How could I have played that hand better? Should I have checked the turn?
After more levels of run bad and with about 10 BB remaining, I 3 bet shove AKo against an OMC with a surprisingly wide opening range. He instacalls and has KK. Good game.
I grind some 1/3 cash for the rest of the night and profit around $100 or so. It would have been around $600 in profit if villains didn't hit two outers, but all is good. During that session, I won a decently sized pot when I 4 bet shipped $240 with AA pre against KK. After I won that hand, I had about $380 which was clearly wrong as 240 x 2 = 480. I didn't really notice until a hand or two afterward. At that point I think to myself, "Damn, is it too late?" About 15 minutes into the next dealers down I have him call the floor over and I discuss what happened and provided him with a time frame on when the hand occurred so they could analyze the video. After about 30 minutes, the floor calls villain and v proceeds to the ATM. Shortly after, he pulls me aside and tells me, "We looked at the video, and yes, the dealer did short you $100. Fortunately the gentleman that was in the hand with you agreed to pay you." He said the $100 he was giving me would be in play and that next time I need to speak up right away. I hooked him up with a red bird for his troubles. Props to the Winstar floor for making the right decision, even if I did take too damn long to say something.
Sunday, May 17th - I wake up at around 1045 refreshed and ready to play in Event 2 ($300). I eat some veggies in my room and scarf down an apple on my drive to the casino. AJ is at my table again! Geez. Justin Kruger came to the table but he was super card dead so I didn't have to worry too much. Krissi McFarland was also there but she busted after about 10 hands. I ran so pure at that table. I was hitting every single board that I played and got all kinds of straights, flushes, sets, boats. I felt unstoppable! After the table breaks, I move to a new table full of OMCs and a Dallas PD officer to my left who turned out to be a pretty cool dude. I took down a couple pots there and they broke us after 45 minutes or so. I was used to being a huge stack at my other tables, so when I saw other big stacks at my third table, I initially worried, but told myself, "It's all good. Just feel these guys out". I picked my spots well and next thing I know, we're at dinner break with ~24 players left. 13 will cash with $9K up top.
At the beginning of the dinner break Joe Bui gave me some intel on some other players at the table. It was definitely valuable as all of his reads were true. For example, a drunk reg to my left was the supreme chip leader at the time. Joe said he would donk it all away. Lo and behold, the villain most definitely spewed it all away. I truly appreciated his advice. I got a DQ mini blizzard for dinner because I wasn't too hungry at the time. After the break, I came back motivated and ready to continue my deep run. I steal a few pots pre and double up a few times as well and eventually we are at the 10 handed final table.
I'm in the worst position as the chip-leading OMC is to my left. After the 10th place player busted. We observed how shallow our stacks were and started discussing a chop. the chop value at the time was around $3000, which was just about the equivalent of 3rd place money. It went something like 9.8K to first, 6.9K to second and 3.XK to third (Those might not be exact, but I'm sure I'm close). Everyone was down for some choppage except the chip leading OMC. Even after two more eliminations he STILL didn't want to chop for around $4K.
A couple more eliminations occur and we became five handed. It's me, OMC McNoChoppy, Joe, OMC who opens 8x pre with Kx and Ax/and loves to 3 bet shove even in 50 BB deep, and a solid grinder named Jay. At the 5000/10000 leve with about 240K in chips I look down at AQo on the button. I open for 25K and OMC Mc8xPre 3 bet shoves for about $200K. I instacall and he has KJ. Flop bricks, Turn bricks, and he spikes a K to become the new chip leader. Variance FTW. I actually get my 40K up to around 120K by winning some pots pre flop and winning an AIPF pot against Joe when my KQ beat his KT.
A few hands later I'm sitting at 128K, I'm on the button, and look down at AJo I raise to 20K. Joe 3 bet shoves all in for 123K. I tank for about 30 seconds and call. He has AKo. I don't improve and now I'm down to 5K in chips. Sorry folks, this sadly is not a "chip and a chair story". I get knocked out next hand and finish 5th place for $2442. I believe I played very well in that tournament and AJ vs AK five handed is a huge cooler. On another note, OMC McNoChop ended up getting 3rd place, lol.
In true degen fashion, I decide to play some 1/2 right after my 12 hour tournament session. It ended up being pretty awesome as I turned $200 into $865. What a great day results-wise. I barely missed a table share of the BBJ during that session. Villain McRunBad opens for $17. Cally McStation calls. Solid Cajun Grinder dude 3 bets to $45. V McRunBad folds and Cally calls. Board is AAJ. Turn is a brick and river is a J. Cally and Cajun both get their stacks in and Cajun has quad aces. V McRunBad says, "I had JJ!" and the whole table moaned in frustration. V McRunBad would have pocketed $25K, Cajun would have got $12.5K and the table shared would have been around $1.8K. So close, but yet so far. I leave the casino at around 4 AM to get some rest before the 11 AM checkout.
Monday, May 19th. - I pack my things, check out of the hotel and decide to play one last cash session. 1/2 and 1/3 were full, but I was on an emotional high and took a shot at 2/5. Good thing the table was just starting. I hate buying in for $500 when there are massive stacks at the table. I ended up cashing out about $823. After that, I hit I35 South and headed back to San Antonio with my head held high, knowing that I played some damn good poker this past weekend.
I can't wait for WPT in July!
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Some Ideas for Reddit's Austin Poker Club.

I had some ideas for the Reddit Austin Poker Club, and I wanted to get your feedback.
First, I'd -really- like to be able to get to at least 12 people regularly, with two tables. The reason for this is simply that I've found that with the tournament structure that we're using, when you bust out, you have to wait a -long- time before the cash game opens up to play. What I'd like to do is set up two tables, and when six players bust out, set up the cash game there. If you have any friends/family, whatever, who would be interested in playing, that'd be great.
I'd also like to standardize the rules for the tournament, and put them on the Reddit for everyone to read before they sit down and play. Alot of questions came up last session, like "What is a Straddle?" and "What is a chop?" I think we could do with an FAQ.
I'm also interested in setting up a "grand prize" tournament for 2012. The idea is that every tournament, we take an amount out of the prize pool, and put it aside. At the end of the year, we should have a HUGE pot to play for, and we can set up a "freeroll" tournament based on participation; entering a tournament gets you, say, 100 chips for playing, with a bonus 50, 100, and 200 chips for 3rd, 2nd, and 1st places in a tournament, respectively. By the end of the year, everyone has a chance to play, but those who have played the most and helped build the club have the best chance!
Additionally, maybe someday we can pull off a roadtrip to Oklahoma to play some $1/2 (for the very adventureous!) at the Winstar World Casino.
Finally, I'd like to encourage winners to voluntarily give a portion of their winnings to the "Bad Beat on Cancer." Just wanted to mention that.
-- Brian Boyko
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THE BIGGEST WIN OF MY POKER CAREER!!  SUNDAY MILLION ... Video Poker Royal Flush at Winstar $4,158 He Gets Pocket Aces THREE TIMES!!! High Stakes Poker Game ... CLICKING BUTTONS at WINSTAR!  HHP Vlog 04 How To Win Poker Tournaments - YouTube Winstar Casino Poker Room Winstar Casino and Poker Room - YouTube Watch These BIG Wins on Triple Red Hot Slot ... - YouTube Learn how to play 3 Card Poker - YouTube PokerStars Championship ♠️ Episode 3 ♠️ Presented by Monte ...

We are told that WinStar Casino does not currently run any poker tournaments. Find other nearby poker tournaments here. Have a question about WinStar Casino? Ask our community! Recent Action. A user registered for wait list from PokerAtlas at 52 Social Jan 5, 2021. A user ... As host to multiple $1,000,000 – or more – tournaments each year, WinStar World Casino and Resort knows poker.With a 55-table room dedicated to the art of bluffing, betting and winning, you’ll find your game at WinStar: No-Limit Texas Hold ‘Em. WinStar World Casino and Resort: Dangerous Casino! Beware or Don't Go! - See 1,796 traveler reviews, 369 candid photos, and great deals for Thackerville, OK, at Tripadvisor. WinStar World Casino & Resort Poker Room Overview Part of WinStar World Casino & Resort. The Winstar Casinos (Palace, Mariachi and Center Ring) casinos share the same 46-table, non-smoking poker room (located in the New York Gaming Plaza).The poker room is huge at 20,220 square feet with 20 plasma TV's, 40 open tables, and a high limit area with 6 poker tables. Home Live Reporting Poker Tours Winstar. Winstar. View By Year: 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2012. Finished Tournaments Winner Winning Hand Prize Runner-up Losing Hand; 2019 WinStar Labor Day ... Information and Reviews about WinStar Casino Poker Room in Thackerville, including Poker Tournaments, Games, Special Events and Promotions. The 2017 River Poker Series Begins Aug. 30 at the WinStar World Casino Winstar River Poker Series November Niner Gordon Vayo Wins WinStar River Poker Series Main Event After Five-Way Deal ($587,120) A schedule of WinStar World Casino poker tournaments, including time, buy-in, blind structure, and more. You also can find WinStar World Casino phone number, address, and website info. Enter any casino, and the biggest bets are always on the baccarat tables. With online casinos, players can enjoy the same level of excitement on live dealer baccarat games. Even if you're Winstar Casino Poker Review not playing for high stakes, baccarat games are still fun to play online. At WinStar World Casino and Resort, we know Poker. In fact, we have an entire newly constructed room dedicated to the art of the bluff, the bet and the win. WinStar’s 55-table poker room is situated next to the RIO Gaming Plaza, and has hosted some of the world’s greatest players. It’s also hosted tournaments with staggeringly large ...

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Cris has a roller coaster session at Winstar, while Nic and Raine head to Choctaw Casino Resort to play in the WPT $1,000,000 Guaranteed tournament. Thanks for Hanging Out! - Haslet House Crew A 3-Card Poker tutorial from WinStar World Casino. I snuck my camera into the poker room at Winstar Casino. Part (2/2) of my Sunday Million deep run!! This is the biggest poker win of my career. Streamed live on ! Twitter: https://... Jason Mercier is a regular fixture in the highest stakes cash games in Las Vegas, and is well known for winning World Series of Poker bracelets. He's also so... Video Poker Royal Flush at Winstar for $4,158. 🔴 $250,000 High-Limit HUGE LIVE STREAM Slot Play from LAS VEGAS 💵 Up To $1,000 a Spin! In Monte Carlo, fewer than 75 players remain. Daniel Negreanu, ElkY and Hossein Ensan are on the main stage, with their eyes fixed on the top prize of over €... Today I'm joined by Nick Petrangelo, the lead instructor for our latest course at Upswing Poker: Winning Poker Tournaments. In this video, we're reviewing some ... I snuck my camara into Winstar Casino and the poker room in Oklahoma. Please Subscribe if you've enjoyed any of my Slot-Play / Live Play videos so you can be informed whenever I upload a new slot Jackpot Win or loss. You can ea...